Instructions on Sending final grades to Banner

Upload Final grade to Banner

With a Final Grade column in Blackboard’s Grade Center you can submit final grades directly to Banner (InfOSU).  That sure beats keying them in again.

Create Final Grade Column

1.     From the full grade center click Create Column

2.     Name the column “Final Grade”

3.     Primary display should be set to “Text” (not letter because + and – are text)

4.     Category must be set to “Final Grade.” This is crucial as this category is what Banner searches for to “upload” grades from Blackboard.

5.     Points Possible: Enter total points possible for the course grade. It can be “0” because the Calculation function will be turned off.

6.     Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations: No.

7.     Show this Column to Students: No (this ensures that students do not see their final grade until they have completed the eSET course evaluation)

8.     Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades: No.

9.     Submit

10.  Manually enter grades for each student

Upload the grades to InfOSU (Banner)

Log on to OSU Online Services (InfOSU) via the My Oregon State tab in Blackboard:

Follow the links:

·         Faculty & Advisors >

·         Final Grades Menu >

·         Final Grades – Upload from Blackboard >

·         Select a Term >

·         Select a Blackboard course (course will show only if you have a Final Grade column set up as above) >

·         Submit.


And here’s a link to 5 Essential things new users need to know about getting started with  a Bb course site:



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