Useful Tech Info from David Pogue

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips

I’ve summarized the tips outlined in this helpful video.  I hope you find something of value.  Thanks to the helpful instructor who passed this on.

  1. Use the space bar to scroll down a page on the web.

Shift + Space to scroll up.

  1. Use the Tab key to go to between boxes on forms to fill in online.

When there’s a pop-up menu for your state or country, type the first initial repeatedly to get to the right letter.

  1. For viewing bigger text on your screen: press + with the Control  (or command) key or minus for smaller text.
  2. Smartphones

Press Space bar twice to end a sentence (iPhone, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry)

Adds a period, inserts one space, and capitalizes the

  1. All Cellphones

Tap the Call or Dial key to call up the last number dialed.

(On a non-smartphone, opens a list of all recent numbers)

  1. Interrupt the voicemail message by pressing the carrier’s interrupt key:
  • Verizon: *
  • AT&T-Mobile: #
  • Sprint: l
  1. Google Stunts

“Define”  to find the meaning of any word.

  1. Flight tracking.  Type the name of the airline and the flight for details.
  2. Unit conversion. Type in eg: inches in 32cm.

10. Four Text Basics

  • Double-click to highlight a word.
  • Don’t delete!  Just type over it.
  • Double-click/drag to select in one-word chunks.
  • Triple-click to highlight a paragraph.

11. Cameras

How to eliminate shutter lag completely: half-press the shutter button to pre-focus.

12. Presentations

Press the B key to black out the slide.  Press again to return to slide.

(W key for whiteout)



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