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QR Code Scavenger Hunt

We talk a little bit in the iBook about QR codes. QR codes are quick response codes, similar to barcodes. Mobile devises can scan the codes and connect users to a webpage or content. This week, I used the QR codes to make a scavenger hunt around INTO OSU. I posted QR codes around the building and groups were set out to find and scan them. When people scanned the QR codes, the groups were connected to a survey with a simple quiz question. (One question per QR code.) At the end, everyone met back in the classroom, hopefully having found all ten QR codes, and we reviewed the answers. It was a blast and is a good review or formative assessment activity.

I first tried to make the scavenger hunt using QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator. It was very user friendly and would be perfect for places that have limited wifi, but it has some disadvantages. Most notably, it only gives students the questions, but doesn’t give them a place to record their answers. That seemed a little tricky.  Instead, I used Fluid Surveys which is similar to Survey Monkey except that it automatically generates a QR code when it publishes the survey. So, each QR code linked to a survey with one quiz question. Using this method was still very easy, and it allowed people to enter their responses into the survey and for the teacher to electronically collect all the responses in real time.

I’ll certainly be doing it again and let me know if you do it too.

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