“iPads in ESL Classrooms”

We recently completed a report on INTO Oregon State University’s iPad pilot. Here is a section of the introduction:

“In Fall 2011, INTO OSU invested in a classroom set of thirty iPads. Michelle Scholz and Jim Jamieson made the initial proposal, which was successfully funded by INTO. The project came at a time when according to the PEW Research Center (2011) approximately 11% of Americans were using iPads. People were using iPads to check email, read news, check social networking sites, play games, and to a lesser extent read books and watch videos. The average user was not using the iPad as a learning aide. However, the iPad group at INTO OSU saw numerous features which could be exploited for the purpose of language learning. Mitchell (2012) explained the features as follows:

+ Portability— This allows us to bring class materials and activities into settings that might be more interesting or authentic.
+ Connectivity— This allows us to access materials from around the web, simplifying dictionary searches, research, and so forth. It also allows us to publish on the web more easily.
+ Multimodality—This allows students to escape their black and white books for a world of interactive videos, pictures, and multimedia authorship. These features can help create meaningful learning opportunities, including creating multimodal digital flashcards and analyzing sources found online.”

The book outlines how these features were utilized in a variety of iPad activities and presents over 40 app reviews. If you’re interested in downloading it, it’s available in the iBook store here.

One thought on ““iPads in ESL Classrooms”

  1. Dale Halligan says:

    Despite my un-perky self, and in honor of my perky wife and perky Katie, I will take part in the “Secret Santa” festivities.


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