Five Reasons to Use Interactive Whiteboards

I know, many complain that interactive whiteboards are difficult to use, and they don’t see the added value. Sure, some activities on the boards don’t improve on a basic chalkboard. But, here are five things I like about interactive whiteboards:

  • Dragging and dropping so you can:
    • Do attendance – students drag their name to the “here” space when they arrive
    • Match vocabulary words to pictures or definitions
    • Practice correct word order – similar to refrigerator poetry
    • Complete cloze activities
    • Reorder stories or paragraphs
  • Saving so you can:
    • Finish activities at a later date
    • Reference materials created in a previous class
    • Work on a grammar chart or vocabulary wall over numerous meetings
    • Use in future terms
  • Clear visuals so you can:
    • Appeal to visual learners
    • Use a wide variety of colors (not just blue, green, red and black whiteboard pens)
    • Incorporate more pictures
    • Have clear handwriting (with writing to type features)
  • Going online so you can:
    • Seamlessly bring in images from Google Images
    • Quickly look up words in a dictionary
  • Importing other PowerPoints and PDFs so you can:
    • Improve materials
    • Incorporate student ideas
    • Annotate documents
    • Use graphic organizers
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