Deciding to Use Technology

Personally, I use new technology all the time, but I am more hesitant to introduce new technology to students. Three years ago, I blogged about my process for choosing instructional technology, and it hasn’t changed much. I still believe the initial question should be the learning objective. What do I want students to learn? (I wouldn’t encourage teachers to start with a piece of technology they want to use and then see how that would fit with their learning objectives. Learning objectives need to be first.) After choosing to focus on a learning objective, I ask myself what is appropriate and feasible. The question of feasibility should include resources and time available, along with usability. Of the remaining technological options, I ask myself what affordances do they offer. Are they social or interactive? Do they provide quick feedback to students? etc. Then, I can make a good decision. The chart below has more details, and here is a larger, more readable copy.

How do you decide what technology to use? What factors do you consider? I didn’t include assessment in the process. Would you?

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