Tips for Technology Enhanced Writing Feedback

Collecting papers electronically:

  • Use the computer lab to do in-class writing, so you can have electronic papers.
  • Collect papers electronic either through assignments on blackboard or email. To keep the papers email organized, Byrne Brewerton uses his onid email exclusively for student papers or I create folders for the papers in Outlook.

Tips for using “Track Changes” in Word:

  • Turn track changes ON and write in simple error codes.
  • Add comments to give more information. (The shortcut to add comments is Option+Command+A)
  • Change the options for “Track Changes”, so the comments/revisions are in different colors. (Word>Preferences>Track Changes)
  • Use “Track Changes” > “Compare Documents” to see the changes students made on a paper from draft 1 to draft 2.

Use Jing, a free screencast software, to give video feedback on papers:

  • With Jing, you can make a short video of what is happening on your screen.
  • You can open a student’s paper and highlight section as you discuss their writing.
  • This video feedback can help with grammar, content and organization.
  • My presentation on screencast feedback is below:
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One thought on “Tips for Technology Enhanced Writing Feedback

  1. […] out information about the latest trends in writing instruction. I posted in July about using track changes in Word and screencast feedback using Jing. Well, my latest pet project also deals with computer mediated […]

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