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I have to admit that I am excited for fall when everyone will be using Outlook at INTO OSU. This will make things so much easier; right now it can be frustrating and time-consuming to schedule a meeting. I’ll never have to read or write a string of emails like this again:

Me: “John, Joe, and Jim, When do you have time to meet?”

John: “2-3pm works for me?”

Joe: “Sorry that won’t work. I’m in class. What about 3-4?”

Jim: “That doesn’t work for me. Ugh. 4-5?”




And it continues until finally, years later, a meeting is scheduled.

With Outlook, instructors enter reoccurring appointments for their classes. Then, when someone goes to schedule a meetings, they can see when people are available. Say good-bye to those annoying strings of emails.The links in the sentences above will walk you through the step-by-step process of using outlook for meetings and appointments. Here is a 50 minute webinar recording from CN. Also, this Wednesday at 3-3:45pm in room 243 and this Thursday from 1:30-2:15 in 255, I will be answering Outlook questions.

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SEP Mexico: Technology Class

ImageWe have a wonderful group of Mexican teachers at INTO OSU this month. They are taking courses in ESL trends, methods and technology, along with sharing information about their country and culture. Teaching their technology course is certainly a highlight of my summer. In the last two weeks, we have discussed audio recordings, text analysis tools, collaborative writing, and using videos. I have been posting all of the materials from the class online, so if you want to check out what we have done so far, please visit the class website. And meet the teachers this week at the public library where they will be giving a presentation.

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There are many sites online for recording and posting materials. These are two that I would recommend; both are free:

I would recommend using Audioboo. Students do not have to create accounts to use Audioboo and can post the link on an assignment page in blackboard.

The first is called Voxopop and is similar to VoiceThread. It allows for “Talk Groups” where members can each post recordings. Here is a fun example.

Full directions and information on these tools and using YouTube for student videos are available here: tech_for_listening_speaking

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Tips for Technology Enhanced Writing Feedback

Collecting papers electronically:

  • Use the computer lab to do in-class writing, so you can have electronic papers.
  • Collect papers electronic either through assignments on blackboard or email. To keep the papers email organized, Byrne Brewerton uses his onid email exclusively for student papers or I create folders for the papers in Outlook.

Tips for using “Track Changes” in Word:

  • Turn track changes ON and write in simple error codes.
  • Add comments to give more information. (The shortcut to add comments is Option+Command+A)
  • Change the options for “Track Changes”, so the comments/revisions are in different colors. (Word>Preferences>Track Changes)
  • Use “Track Changes” > “Compare Documents” to see the changes students made on a paper from draft 1 to draft 2.

Use Jing, a free screencast software, to give video feedback on papers:

  • With Jing, you can make a short video of what is happening on your screen.
  • You can open a student’s paper and highlight section as you discuss their writing.
  • This video feedback can help with grammar, content and organization.
  • My presentation on screencast feedback is below:
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