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Starboard Show &Tell

In the typical show and tell spirit, instructors are invited to showcase their Starboard skills and lessons during our next Technology Interest Group meeting.

Starboard Show and Tell

  • Where: ILLC 244
  • When: 3-5pm on December 8th (feel free to pop by when you have time)
  • Why: Because interesting things are happening and you might not know about them

Do you need the Starboard software on your computer?

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Jing and Voicethread

At our last meeting, we discussed two tools for speaking and listening, Jing and Voicethread. Jing is a screen-capture program. It will make a video of everything you do on the screen. INTO instructor, Sophia Jin, uses Jing to make simple tutorial videos for her students. For example, you might quickly show students how to change the paper size in word or how to use the wiki on blackboard. Here is an example from my class last year; I was explaining their collaborative writing project. Susan Beddes and I are going to use Jing to make audio comments about students writing next term.

The other program we discussed was Voicethread. Here is a voicethread that explains the concept. We talked about how these could be used in the classroom. You could put up simple prompts and students could discuss online. Do you have other ideas about how these could be used?